Fat Reduction, Weight Loss and Body Sculpting

Choose us to help you achieve your body goals in 2019, we have the largest selection of the best technology in weight loss and fat reduction available in Leicestershire. Offerring you the best treatments in permanent fat loss with instant results that are measurable and seen after only one treatment.


Our amazing FAT ZAPP ultrasound cavitation treatment targets fatty areas and safely blasts the fat giving you instant inch loss from your chosen area! This is the best treatment for Apple shaped ladies who need to define a waist. We can give you an avergae of 1.5 inches fat loss from the waist from a single treatment. Pain free with no downtime, it just feels like a warm massage and the only thing you will need to do is increase your water intake. 


You can also choose our Leg Zapp Cellulite and fat reduction treatment to fight unsightly legs and bums, it's high powered radiofrequency and ultrasound cavitation will smooth out lumps, bumps and orange peel. Leaving you with thinner, smoother and more shapely legs. This is the perfect treatment for anyone who has a sit-down or driving job where toxins and fat accumilate on your hips, bum and legs. Get your circulation MOVING in this area to improve your lyphatic system and boost your metabolism.

Even if you diet and exercise, if your curculation is sluggish then, you will only lose weight and fat from the core, chest and arm area. The Leg Zapp Cellulite treatment forces your body to remove and reduce fat and remove built up toxins from the target area.

This is the perfect treatment for all Pear shaped ladies.


The hottest treatment right now, non-surgical bum lift or our Bum Zapp works to instantly lift, plump, smooth and tone your buttocks, the more treatments you have the better your butt will be! Pain free and with no downtime you can improve your bum shape. Perfect for flat or square shaped bums, Apple shaped ladies will balance and even thier body shape, plump and tighten, Pear shaped ladies will want to reduce fat and round the buttocks, boyish figures will love the way it plumps and improves the volume of the bum.



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Not sure what to book? Don't worry.....you can book a free consultation or book whatever you think is right for you and we will assess your body shape before treatment and then advise you if we feel another treatment would give you better results. 

DLS Clinic Limited formely Dollicious Laser & Skin Clinic, we have updated our name to more fully incorporate our range of services.

Covering everything in advanced aesthetic treatments for face and body.

We are still located in Groby, on the outskirst of Leicester with easy connections from A46, A50 and M1 with free parking.

Body Sculpting and Aesthetic Facial Treatments


View all of our amazing body scultping treatments by clicking below.

All our treatments are safe and effective and performed by our highly trained and experienced technicians.


Offering the widest range of aesthetic facial and skin rejuvenation facials for common skin complaints and issues as well as antiageing and rejuvenating. Performed by our skin specialist.

Semi-Permanent Make-Up

IOffering the latest techniques of naturally enhancing semi permanent make-up, correction work and laser removal. 


Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal for face and body, our experienced laser specialist also offers removal of semi-permanent make-up for lips, brows and Microbladed brows. Click below for more infformation.

We offer the most comprehensive range of non-invasive aesthetic treatments for face and body.

Using only the highest quality professional line products in our facials and the latest technologies in our treatments we are able to bring you treatments that were, until recently only accessible to the rich and famous. 


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We offer free consultations and online booking. 


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