Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting is the art of creating more appealing body lines by the reduction of fat and rejuvenation of the skin. Using the latest technology with proven results we are able to offer non-surgical alternatives that are safe, pain free and have no down time.

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Treatment Time Price Process of treatments
Fat Zapp 1 Area 45 mins £40 Instant fat loss & fat reduction CAVI + RF
Fat Zapp 2 Area 90 mins £70

Instant fat loss & fat reduction CAVI + RF

Fat Zapp Arms 30 mins £30 Fat reduction, toning & skin tightening CAVI +IR + VAC
Fat Zapp Full Body 75 mins £70 Full body fat reduction, detox and circulation boost CAVI + IR + VAC 

Cellulite Treatment

Front or Back of legs

60 mins £45

Cellulite reduction, circulation, smoothing, shaping, toning & fat loss


Cellulite Treatment 

Front & Back of legs

120 mins £80

Cellulite reduction, circulation, smoothing, shaping, toning & fat loss


Breast Uplift 45 mins £40

Tighten, tone & lift, improve skin texture and stretch marks


Brazilian Bum Lift 60 mins £45

Tighten, tone, reduce cellulite, smooth buttocks and backs of legs


Peachy Bum Lift 90 mins £150

Brazillian Bum Lift, Cellulite treatment & Fat Freeze


Stretch Mark Treatment 30 mins £30

 Reduce redness, improve skin texture, thicken thin skin RF

Stretch Mark Treatment 45 mins £40 Reduce redness, improve skin texture, thicken thin skin RF
3 Phase Scars/ Body 60mins aprox £150 Reduce Medium size areas of scars or stretch marks ACID + MICRO + LASER + RF
3 Phase Scars/ Body 120mins aprox £300 Reduce Large size areas of scars or stretch marks ACID + MICRO + LASER + RF
Lymphatic Drainage 1 area 45 min £40

2 weeks after a Fat Freeze treatment or to improve body productivity


Lymphatic Drainage Full Body 120 min £125 Relaxing Full Body Lymphatic and metabolic boosting treatment, fat loss, skin rejuvenation. CAVI + RF + IR + VAC

Body Treatments

Fat Zapp Instant Fat Loss 

This non-surgical liposuction and fat reduction treatment uses safe and effective ultrasonic cavitation to give instant inch loss from your chosen area. Pain Free! No Downtime! Perfect for body shaping, toning and fat reduction.

Can be used weekly or as a one off treatment.

Popular areas treated:





Moobs/Male Chest


Cellulite/ Leg Treatment

This leg and cellulite treatment is one of the only effective ways to reduce and remove the orange peel like look of the condition as well as tightening lax skin and wobbly legs. Through use of radio frequency and fat blasting cavitation we are able to smooth out lumps and give you inch loss too. Our vacuum roller has a pinch twist motion that tightens and tones the skin.

This treatment give instant results as well as cumulative results, a course of 6 to 12 is recommended. 

Brazilian Bum Lift

This treatment works on the backs of the thighs and the buttocks to improve the tone and texture of the skin and help to remove dimples, lumps and bumps as well as lifting and plumping the buttocks. We are even able to remove unwanted areas of fat to create a more pleasing shape. Although this is a permanent treatment we are always fighting time and gravity so we suggest a course of 4 to 8 treatments thencontinue with maitenance once monthly.

Breast Uplift


This breast treatment is perfect for post-pregnancy or aging skin. It uses radio frequency, vacuum and red light to firm and improve the skins integrity by boosting collagen and elastin growth, stretch marks improve and reduce. Vacuum is used to plump the breast tissue and improve the circulation of nutirent rich blood. We cannot reverse time but we can make improvements. This delicate area can be difficult to improve and some clients will have better results than others.

Fat Freezing Body 

Fat Freeze (Cryolipolysis)

This fat reduction treatment is perfect for fatty pockets of that won't budge even with diet and exercise.

This is a passive treatment meaning you only have one treatment which will work on that target area and remove fat for the following 12 weeks. Expect an average of 20% to 40% fat loss of your chosen area. (Large or stubborn areas may require a second treatment to achive desired results)

Any grabbable fatty areas on the body can be targeted inc:

Male chest / Moobs

Sides / Flanks / Love Handles

Back Fat / Under Bra Fat

Bingo Wings / Arms / Knees

Stomach / Upper Thighs / Chub Rub / Chin / Muffin Tops / Second Boobs / Upper Stomach

Peachy Bum Lift Package

This amazing package of treatments is perfect for anyone who has stuubborn fat around the buttocks or hips that gives an unpleasing shape to their bottom.


We include 2 cryo cups of fat freezing, cellulite treatment for legs and finish with a Brazilian bum lift. The result is fat loss, smoother, tighter skin, lifted plumper and rounder buttocks as well as firmer slimmer legs. This treatment will also reduce the appearance of stretch marks and improve the quality, look and feel of your skin.

RF Stretch Mark Treatment (Striae)

Stretch Marks (striae) Radio Frequency Treatment

All treatment is most effective on newer stretch marks and where the marks are still purple, red or pink.Radio frequency has incredible reparative properties and can even help to reduce inflammation and scarring. This can also be used on C-Section and Historectomy scars.

*NB this will not remove stretch marks but it will thicken think scarred skin and return them to a more natural skin tone, making them less noticable.

3 Phase Scar Reduction 

This body treatment for stretch mark and scar reduction includes, acid to cleanse the skin, microneedling with plant stemcells for renewal of tissue and fibroblast production of collagen, laser for improved healing an skin thickening then we use radio frequency the healing treatment that super powers the process to give you reduction of redness and reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks on the body.

This treatment works best for angry red, pink or purple marks.

This will not remove stretch marks 100% but it will improve the tone, colour, texture of skin and encourage them to fade away. Even after just one treatment.

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