HIFU Face Lift

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is currently the most powerful non-surgical and non-invasive facial lifting treatment available to date. 


HIFU is in a league of it's own and is unrivalled for the treatment of lax or sagging skin with results that continue to improve for aprox 12 months from the first treatment and can last for another 12 months. 


At Dollicous we offer a complete range of facial rejuvenation options meaning that you will always receive the best treatment for your requirement. HIFU is generally only used in people over the age of 40 who are showing signs of ageing and laxity of the skin.


Most popular areas for treatment:


Arms/ Bingo wings - Fat reduction, Skin rejuvenation, Skin tightening.

Upper Thighs/ Chub rub - Fat reduction, Skin rejuvenation, Skin tightening



Lower face and jawline


Full face

Half face


Our Dollicious HIFU is a complete non surgical facial lifting package. We give you 4 treatments spread over 3 months

1 x Acid Peel - to increase the turnover of skin cells

1 x RF Facial Lift - to rejuvenate and start the process of collagen production within the deep layerss of the skin.

1x HIFU treatment 

2 x Aftercare Creams 

1 x HIFU treatment 12 weeks later 


This process will give you the best possible lifting, tightening and rejuvenating treatment currently available without being invasive.



HIFU is able to reach lower into the depths of the skin structure than laser and radiofrequency treatments to induce a huge amount of new collagen formation, this huge production of collagen from the deepest layers of skin (SMAS layer) at 4.5mm, the mid layer (deep dermis) 3.0mm and the upper layers (superficial) at 1.5mm below the surface create a grid of shrinkage points and pull the skin tighter over the muscle and tissue. 


HIFU facelifts are superior to other facial lifting treatments due to intensify and the requirement of only a single treatments along with the length of the results.


Benefits of HIFU at Dollicious 


*Local / HIFU Leicester

*Single treatment

*More affordable compared to surgery

*No downtime 

*Treatment performed by trained skin clinician 

*Long lasting results 

*Results that continue to improve over 6 months

*Can be combined with other treatments

*Most people over 40 can have treatment



Although most fit and healthy people will be suitable for treatment as long as they have signs of ageing, there are a few exceptions. Such as pace maker being fitted or any simlar electrical device within the body, broken or imflamed skin or signs of infection or metal implants. We do not recommend HIFU for anyone under 30 unless they have clear indications of premature ageing and skin laxity but we have plenty of other options that will work better for this age group.


We will always conduct a full and thorough consultation before any treatment is carried out. If you would lkke further information we offer Free consultations through our online booking page.

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