Semi Permanent Make-Up 

Our cosmetic tattoo procedures are carried out by Amy Allen. She is qualified in cosmetic make-up, natural enhancement, correction work for lips, eyes and brows as well as laser removal of unwanted semi-permanent make-up. Specialist in machine tattooing.


Amy has also undertaken additional training requiring specialist techniques and machines in the newer techniques of ombrè shading, microblading, natural enhancement make-up including watercolour lips, natural eyelash enhancements and the soft brow. Also known as the bearly there technique.


"This style of tattooing can be so subtle that even close up your best friend might not even notice. For me, it's all about bringing out and accentuating the natural beauty in the ladies who come to me. Gone are they days of hideous 80s and 90s style of tattooing. Cosmetic tattooing is having a revolution, and there are so many new methods out there to enhance your beauty, that sometimes I feel like I need them all myself. I've trained with some of the best in the country right now and I'm also lucky enough to now consider them my colleagues and friends. Their influence will always be present in my work, but at the moment I'm really enjoying pushing the boundaries and following my own style."

Interview with Amy Allen

Carmen Beauty Editiorial 

London 2018


Correction Work

Ladies come to me often with messed up brows, some from years ago and some only a few months old as well as everything in between. My job is to give them something that I feel proud to put my name to. Having the option to be able to include laser removal really helps me to open up a world of possibilities. Making the best of a bad job isn't always the answer and I've never been completely happy with a straightforward cover up. Cover up work is usually bigger, darker and perhaps still not symmetrical, when it comes to brows anyway. I would highly suggest to anyone who is unhappy with their cosmetic make up to consider laser. I can see 3 to 7 ladies a week nowadays who come specifically because of bad Microblading. Laser removal is pretty simple to do if you have the knowledge and experience. Most times my ladies don't even bleed and hardly even feel the laser. And in just 4 weeks your skin is ready to have the first stage of cosmetic tattooing and a step closer to your perfect brows. 

Correction work consultations are free of charge.


Important information.


We only offer cosmetic tattooing to 18s and over.


Due to the way our bodies heal after the first treatment, all of our semi permanent make-up requires a top up treatment which is carried out at 5 to 10 weeks after the first treatment, depending on the type of treatment you have.


Our cosmetic tattooing procedures now include a free top up treatment. (Excludes Microblading)


Microblade Brows Top up is payable at the treatment and is priced at £75

The Ombre Brow

This amazing technique offers a great shape and great colour results and is our most popular brow.

Ombre brows are taking the semi permanent make up world by storm and are set to over take from microblading in 2018.

The last much longer than microblading and fade in a pleasing way so you get great brows for longer.

The more you top up the darker and longer they will last. Or for a more subtle look the technique can be used to get brows that offer just a hint of colour but define the shape. 

This treatment is £350

Natural Bladed Brows (microblading)

This delicate technique is used to simulate hairs and create a fuller more shapely natural looking brow. 

Microblading is not suitable for all skin types, due to its delicate nature. Please expect brow design to shrink in size by 20% and to lighten in colour by 40% during the first 10 days after treatment.


*Microblading alone will never look like make-up brows

*Microblading will have "gaps" to simulate natural hairs

*Microblading pigment will need to be 2 to 3 shades darker than your natural colour to allow for fading

*Microblading is an art form and a process to create your perfect natural brow. We don't work from stencils. 

*Microblading will need to be slightly bigger than your natural brows to allow for the shrinkage effect.


This treatment is £350

Top up treatment is required at 6 weeks and is £75


Combination Brow

This brow uses two techniques both manual microblading and machine ombre shading to create a longer lasting brow with a deeper colour and beautiful hair strokes to gi e a fluffly type of brow.

This brow is a complete microblade treatment and a complete ombre brow treatment in one.

This is idea for anyone wanting a natural brow with a strong defined shape and bags of beautiful colour to fill in any "gaps".


The combination brow is longer lasting, natural, defined and fluffy. Giving you perfect brows everyday.


This treatment is £400

Top up is included at 6 weeks free of charge.



Micro Brow

This brow microblading treatment will enhance your natural brow with miniature hair strokes building a most natural effect. This is also a great option for anyone with complete hair loss.


This brows is most popular when combined with shading to give you a strong totally natural looking brow.


Not everyone will be suitable for this micro brow. Some skin types will not hold a micro brow. 

*Micro brow is most suited to pale skin tones that will hold pigment easily.

*Micro brow can require additional shading to enhance the brow design and allow the pigment to remain bright for longer.

*Micro brow will not look like a Make-up brow


This treatment is £350

A top up treatment is required at 6 weeks and is £75

Powder Brow


This machine treatment will enhance your natural brow or create a brow where there is hair loss. It is soft and subtle once healed.

This treatment is £300

A top up treatment is required at 6 weeks and is free of charge.

Lip Blush

This lip treatment will blush the lips with a beautiful colour to enhance your natural lips.

This treatment is £200

A top up treatment is required at 6 weeks and is free of charge 

Lip gloss lips with ombrè shading 

This lip treatment will give the lips full colour and appearance of a lip stick.

This treatment is £250

A top up treatment is required at 6 weeks and is free of charge.


Natural Lash Enhancement 

This eyeliner treatment will give the appearance of thick and dark lashes to the eyes.


Natural Lash Enhancement £150 free top up

Eyeliner top £200 free top up

Eyeliner lower £75 free top up

Eyeliner with flick £250 free top up 


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