Tattoo Removal 

We offer tattoo removal for body using a laser. We treat black, grey and colour.


Our laser specialist has years of experience in the art of tattoo removal. Undertanding that every tattoo is as individual as the person wearing it. 


Tattoo Removal by laser is very common in recent years, laser technology has moved on making the removal process much easier. 


All laser removal treatments require a consultation which is held before your appointment making sure you are fully informed beforehand of the process, including how many treatments could be likely and the chance of 100% removal. 


We test patch your tattoo first which when you return for your first full treatment will give our laser specialist even more information about how quickly the ink will lift.


Our minimum charge is £25 which increases by £10 as size increases.


Extra small £25

Small £35

Medium £45

Large £55

Extra Large price on application


For some colour tattoos we may charge plus £5 to the price

Semi Permanent Make-Up Removal

What to do when your semi permanent make up isn't what you want? 


Laser removal for eyebrows is quickly becoming one of our most requested services. We have great success with removal and correction, often combining the skills of tattoo removal with cosmetic tattooing correctional work to achieve perfect brows.


We also offer complete removal for people who would like to remove old permanent make up or microblading without correctional work or replacement of brow pigment. 


Whichever route you choose our specialists are here to offer advice and help you choose the best option.


We offer free consultations to advise further and we usually like to conduct a test patch which is chargeable at £10

Test patches help us to form an idea of how many treatments may be required for total removal which means we can give a more accurate total price.


The usual price is £35 per treatment. Some makeup can be removed in a single session.

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